I found a book but it says it's in LASR, what does that mean?
Answered By: Jen Church-Duran
Last Updated: Dec 29, 2016

LASR (Lied Automated Storage and Retrieval) is a storage area located in Lied Library. Older or lesser used items are kept in LASR in order to make room on the shelves for newer material.

LASR is located on the 1st floor of Lied Library, behind the glass wall opposite the reference desk.

Books and journals can be retrieved from LASR by using the Request This Item button in the catalog.   

ARS Request

For multiple items, submit a separate request for each and every item you want. For example, if you wanted to get five differerent volumes of a bound journal out of storage, you would have to find each volume in the catalog, and submit a separate request for each volume.

The system will ask you for a name. This is the name the item will be held under when the operator retrieves it. 

Once you've entered a name and clicked "submit," you should see a message saying, "Your request has been accepted." 

If you see a message saying anything else, there was a problem and your request was not accepted. This usually happens because someone else is using the item you needed.

Go to the LASR window on the first floor of Lied Library. The item should be waiting for you under the name you typed.


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