Lied Library is so busy. Isn't there any place where I can find a quiet place to study?
Answered By: Stormye Hendrix
Last Updated: Dec 28, 2016


Libraries today are dynamic places. They also serve as places of retreat and reflection. UNLV University Libraries attempt to balance these needs through use of a “zoned” noise model with different noise level expectations - with some areas allowing group/collaborative study and other areas designated for quiet study.


Quiet Study: Extended study (1st), Books stacks (3rd & 4th), Glass enclosed reading rooms above atrium (3rd & 4th)

•Ideal for individual study

•Includes "quiet computing" areas.

•No groups or on-going discussion

•Occasional, quiet conversation only

•Phones must be switched to silent at all times

Open Study:  Media viewing (1st), Computers (1st & 2nd), Charging Counters/Booths (2nd), Leisure Area (2nd), Unenclosed areas (3rd & 4th)

•Suitable for individual or small group study

•Includes open computing and media viewing areas

•Conversation at levels appropriate for an academic environment

Collaborative Study: Booths (1st), Group Study (2nd), Overlook (5th)

•Designed with furniture and tools for collaborative group work

•Active areas, not ideal for individual, reflective study

•Conversation at levels appropriate for an academic environment

Group Rooms & Alcoves:  Available across all floors

•Intended exclusively for group work

•Reservations for 1st floor Group Rooms at

•Individuals/pairs will be asked to relocate in favor of a group

•Conversation at levels appropriate for an academic environment

•Rooms are not soundproof!


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