I can't access the library remotely? What steps can I take to troubleshoot?
Answered By: Stormye Hendrix
Last Updated: Feb 07, 2024

Section 1

Are you trying to use QuickSearch, view My Library Card, or requesting an item (including LASR items)?

If no, skip to section 2.

If yes, are you trying to access a database from QuickSearch?

If no, skip to section 2

If yes, contact the Circulation Desk at 702-895-2111.

Section 2

Are you trying to access a database or ebook?

If it is a QuickSearch issue, go back to section 1.

Are you currently enrolled/employed (including emeritus faculty)?

If you are not affiliated with UNLV, you cannot access library materials remotely from off-campus access.

Do you have an ACE account?

If not, you must first set up an ACE account

If you have an ACE account, is it working anywhere else (like WebCampus)?

  • Try to log in to your ACE account
  • If the login does not work, try to reset your password.
    • If you cannot reset your password online, you will need to contact OIT at 702-895-0777
    • MGM College Opportunity students may need to activate their ACE account. You should get an error message that indicates this when you try to log in. You need to follow the directions on the screen to activate your account.  
  • If your ACE account works when you tried signing in but still does not work trying to access library materials remotely, test the account on the Libraries’ test ACE page
    • If you get an Invalid username / password error, you must reset your ACE password.
      • If you cannot change your password online, you must contact OIT 702-895-0777.
    • If you get a “Not in correct group” error, you must contact OIT 702-895-0777. Tell them you are not listed in the Active Directory correctly.
  • If you can log into other sites that require your ACE accounts and no errors appear on the Libraries test ACE page, forward your ACE ID to libhelp@unlv.edu along with a description of the problem you are having.

Are you logged in but having issues with getting content?

If yes, are you getting a message like this?

Error: To allow http://jcb.rupress.org to be used in a starting point URL, your EZproxy administrator must first authorize the hostname of this URL in the ezproxy.cfg file.

If yes, report the problem using our form

or contact us through on of the following methods

  • email liedmor@unlv.edu
  • chat or text via our Ask Us! service, and we will try to find an alternative source for you.

Are you getting a screen with gibberish on it?  

If yes, most likely this was a failed attempt to log in.

  • Try logging in again.
  • If that doesn't work, check your ACE account by following the steps listed above under the question, Do you have an ACE account?

Are you finding an article, but unable to get the full-text? So basically, you are logged in but can’t get the content?

Make sure you are allowing cookies and do not have a pop-up blocker installed. Alternately, use a different browser.

Are you able to get to articles but not pull up the pdf?

If yes, this is almost always an error with MAC computers.

Possible solutions include:

  1. Save the pdf to you computer and then open it.
  2. Use Google Chrome instead of Safari.
  3. Make sure you are using Adobe Reader and not Preview.

Are you on campus, but still being asked to log in to an ebook?

This is normal for some of our ebook subscriptions. 

You will need to log in with your ACE account for access. Non-affiliated users will not have access to these items.

  • There are also limitations to how many pages can be printed or downloaded from ebooks. This varies by book (not just vendor).
    • Double check the item to verify it is an access issue and not just a normal limitation. 

Are you getting a message that says something like, “Error - You have exceeded the concurrent connection limit.”

This is normal. Some databases and resources are limited to the number of people who can use them at one time. You will need to check back later for access.