How could I get a library card? And what information is required to do so?
Answered By: Stormye Hendrix
Last Updated: Dec 15, 2017

There are different procedures for getting or activating a library card - depending on whether you are affiliated with UNLV or if you are a guest or public patron.  

If you are a currently enrolled UNLV student, you will need to bring your RebelCard in to the Library and we will activate the barcode on the back. This will give you borrowing privileges. 

For UNLV Faculty, Staff and Part-time Instructors:  Full time faculty and staff can bring in your Rebel card. Part-time instructors will also need to bring proof of employment, such as a contract or email from your department. 

For public patrons, you will need a government issued photo ID and proof of Nevada residency if you do not have a Nevada ID (a utilities bill, insurance card, rental agreement, etc.)