How much does it cost to print a poster or other large format item?
Answered By: Katherine Keller
Last Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Cost and Paper:

  • Our paper stock is high quality glossy paper.
    • This is a premium paper that shows rich colors.
  • The cost for printing is $4/per square foot.
    • Partial linear feet are rounded to the next foot for purposes of computing sq/ft. (Eg: 16" = 2 feet)
  • Prices for common sizes in inches:
    • 18x20 = $16
    • 22x28 = $24
    • 24x36 = $24
    • 36x48 = $48
    • 44x56 = $80
  • Is there a volume discount?
    • Sorry, our equipment is not designed for high volume.
    • Please contact Reprographics for high volume print jobs.
  • Can I bring my own paper?
    • Sorry, we cannot risk damage to our equipment
  • Once the print job has started, there are no changes; patrons are liable for the cost of that print job plus the cost of any subsequent/altered prints.


  • Payment in full is due at the time of pick-up.
  • P-cards cannot be used to pay for large format print jobs.
  • Lied accepts the following forms of payment: cash, credit/debit, rebelcash, and journal voucher
  • The TDRL accepts the following forms of payment: cash, credit/debit, and journal voucher
    • The TDRL cannot accept rebelcash.
  • Journal Vouchers require a departmental authorized signature.  Please start the journal voucher process at least two weeks before submitting a print job.

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