Do you offer help in creating and designing posters, presentations, flyers, etc.?
Answered By: Katherine Keller
Last Updated: Aug 25, 2016

Design and Design Services:

  • By appointment only, The TDRL can provide one-on-on design assistance for PowerPoint.  All content must be ready at the time of assistance. 
    • Lied cannot offer design assistance at this time.
  • We cannot "blow up" a small item and make it big.
  • We briefly review files before printing and check for image/text placement problems.
    • We do not provide proofreading services.
    • If we spot an error, we will remand the file to you for correction, or we will contact you and ask for permission to make small changes, depending on the nature of the error.
  • We can print CMYK profiled items, but we cannot offer "color perfect" service.
  • We cannot trim your print, but have cutters capable of handling paper up to 36" wide.

Tips for best results:

  • Use large images. Small, low resolution images from the web pixelate when printed large.
  • Design at final print size.
    • Before adding any text or images, set the size of the page/slide to the correct dimensions.
  • Embed any special symbols or unusual fonts that are important for your project.
    • Times New Roman, Calibri, Garamond, and Arial are fonts common to both PCs and Macs and do not need to be embedded. 
    • Fonts for languages not written with the modern Roman alphabet should always be embedded.  (Eg. Greek, Russian, Old English, Hebrew, Mandarin, etc.)

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